A Scalable Tool for Semi-Quantitative Analysis of Chemical Reaction Networks (CRNs)

This tool implements the semi-quantitative analysis of Chemical Reaction Networks (CRNs) and offers several key features. It provides unprecedented scalability, allowing users to handle large and complex networks efficiently. The tool also enables visualization of the system with a variety of configurations, making it easy to explore different aspects of the network. Additionally, it generates interpretable results that users can understand and act upon. Lastly, the tool introduces a new notion of mean simulation, which summarizes the typical behaviors of the system, giving users valuable insights into the dynamics of their networks.


Simulation & Abstraction-based Quantitative Analyzer

Using a novel adaptive segmental simulation approach, you can analyze Chemical Reaction Networks (CRNs). Specifically, the tool allows performing and visualizing simulations as well as simulation-based transient analysis. Furthermore, you can compare the performance and accuracy of different simulation techniques.