Getting started

Getting started

For a more detailed description of SeQuaiA, please refer to the Documentation. This quickstart guide assumes no extensive knowledge of chemical reaction networks (CRNs). However, some background on the traditional analysis of CRNs is beneficial.


SeQuaiA is written in Java 11 and does not support Java 8. Make sure you have the correct Java runtime environment installed on your operating system.


Make sure you have downloaded the correct sequaia.jar. Currently, we have builds for Windows, Mac OS and Ubuntu. Other Linux distributions might be supported as well, but we have only tested the build on Ubuntu.

Running SeQuaiA

Navigate to the directory where sequaia.jar is located, then run java -jar sequaia.jar. It might take a few seconds before the GUI opens. If nothings happens, make sure you have downloaded the correct version.

You can also click on the sequaia.jar file. Make sure you have permission to execute the sequaia.jar. Run chmod +x sequaia.jar to give permission to execute.

Responsive image

This is how SeQuaiA looks like, once you have opened it.

Next up

In the following, we are going make you familiar with the different features.